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I've just been commissioned to do a book cover, which should be finished and published by the end of September!  Woohoo!
  • Listening to: Imagination ~ Clan of Xymox
  • Reading: The aforementioned book
  • Eating: As many calories as I can manage
  • Drinking: Dihydrogen Monoxide
Tagged by :iconbekky-palmer:

1. You have to post the rules.
2. No tag backs.
3. You have to choose 10 people and post their icons in your journal.
4. Answer the questions that the tagged gave you and make up new questions for the people you tag.
5. Go to their page and tell them you tagged them.
6. Post 10 things about yourself.

10 things about me...
1.  I am incredibly boring.
2.  I make Count Orlok look like a strikingly handsome fellow.
3.  I was born in Arizona, but I now live in the fresh, pine-scented petri dish known as Oregon.
4.  I can stand on my head.
5.  There's nothing I enjoy quite as much as music, yet my best attempts to play it have outright failed.
6.  I can't cook, but I do it anyway.
7.  I sometimes forget that I'm an adult.
8.  I don't like working in sketchbooks.
9.  Pizza is my favorite person.
10.  I couldn't come up with ten facts about myself.

Questions to answer...
1.  Is my loony bun fine, Benny Lava?
Minor bun engine made Benny Lava!
2.  My name's Professor Layton, and this is crazy, but here's a puzzle, so solve it maybe?
Fine, but if Carly Rae Jepsen starts singing, I'm out of here.
3.  Ever heard of XTC (the band)?
They're tied with a few other bands as my favorite band!
4.  Why did you put me on your watch?
Artwork!  And...Friendship!  And...and...being tagged!
5.  Do you think Welsh accents are fit? (I bloody do)
Anyone who does not should be thrown out of a moving bus!
6.  Blonde or brunette?
I prefer hair colours not visible to the human eye.
7.  Favourite band?
It's an even split between The Chameleons (UK), XTC, The Damned,Type O Negative, and Suede (although the list just keeps expanding).
8.  Famous crush? horrendous industrial accidents come to mind at the moment (har har).
9.  Weird crush? (Don't worry, mine's Johnny Knoxville... I know...)
Hmm...I can't think of a single person...Hooray for being boring!
10.  Favourite game?
Let's see, there's R-Type, Medievil, Jumping Flash, the Katamari games...

My questions...
1.  While vacationing in Washington D.C. (I don't know why you'd want to do that either), you accidentally drive your car through the White House and run over the president.  What do you do?
2.  Which would you rather win: 6 tons of Beef Jerky, a beach house made of ice, a car that runs on orphans, or a filthy mop made of solid gold?
3.  A bird in the hand may be worth two in the bush, but how much is a bird with hands worth?
4.  If you had to destroy an entire portion of the Earth, which one would you choose and why?
5.  Are persuasive or expository essays more flammable?
6.  Which planet looks the tastiest?
7.  Which apocalypse scenario do you think would be the most survivable?
8.  Fill in the blank:  "I couldn't ______ if my life depended on it!"
9.  If you were trapped on a desert island for an indefinite period of time, what item would you bring if you could only bring half of it (e.g., half of a computer, half of a refrigerator, half of a cell-phone, etc.)?
10.  What was that noise just now?

People I'm Tagging

Anyone insane enough to answer the above questions.
  • Listening to: Cloudburst at Shingle Street ~ Thomas Dolby
  • Eating: All of the chocolate in the household
  • Drinking: Pathogen-saturated tap-water.
I know this is not shocking to any of you, but for now, I'm officially taking a break from Deviantart.
Why?  Well...mainly because I am (and have been) taking a break from art.  The murderer in this whodunit is ironically art itself!  An art class I took at school has completely exhausted my dedication to the subject, and--well--I'm just far too lazy to draw anything.
I think it's like poetry; you can only be good at it when you're in a lousy mood and need cheering up.  Lately I've been profusely happy--shocking, I know--and I haven't felt like drawing.
Once I ultimately figure out what is sapping my motivation, I shall try to improve it.

So I apologize to the few who actually followed my artwork.  Hopefully I will upload some things soon, but until then, I must bid Deviantart farewell!

    ~Farewell! ~
  • Listening to: Then She Appeared ~ XTC
  • Reading: Walden by: Henry David Thoreau
  • Watching: Old youtube classics
  • Playing: Solitaire
  • Eating: Chicken and dumplings *drool*
  • Drinking: Half of the ocean
I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I posted a journal entry.

Well, for the past few days of my life, I haven't felt miserable!  I recently created a facebook page and I have contacted a lot of my old friends!  It is truly shocking how such a seemingly small thing has improved my mood!  I'm more confident at school and best of all, I feel more imaginative!  On top of all of that, we just got a new PSP!  I feel great!  Hopefully I'm on the track to resuming where I left off (back in 2006).  I'm still stuck in Oregon, but at least I can talk to the greatest friends I've ever had!  Woohoo!  I'm as giddy as a child on Christmas!
  • Listening to: The history of the world (Part 1) ~ The Damned
  • Watching: Old videos of mine
  • Playing: Minecraft (I'm also reskinning it)
  • Eating: The most delicious chocolate chip muffins on Earth
  • Drinking: A ton of Water
To start this journal, I'd like to say that things are more balanced now.  I've been working on some new things (Mainly games) and I have been playing games as well.  I recently got the original MediEvil game, R-Type Delta, and both of the Jumping Flash games for the PSP off of the PSN. (Playstation Network)  I have also been playing TF2 (Team Fortress 2) A lot.  I already have all 7 of the new weapons :D

I also purchased a regular Rubik's 3 X 3 cube.  ITS ADDICTIVE!  It takes me just over a minute to solve it.  Hopefully I will be getting some more Rubik's products for Christmas.

There was a hint as to what my next picture will be somewhere in there ;)

It's hard to believe it's been over 2 months since I last posted a journal.  I find it even more difficult to believe that Christmas is almost here!  (And that Hanukkah has ended)
I have NO IDEA when Kwanzaa is, so Happy Holidays to you mixed cultures/religions!



I REALLY hate writing these segments, but I feel obliged to this time around.


Brittany Murphy:  Died on Sunday at the age of 32 from currently unknown causes.

Kim Peek:  Died on Saturday at the age of 58 from a Heart Attack.

For those of you that do not know who Kim Peek is, he is the  Savant that inspired the film "Rainman."
  • Listening to: I love you you bastard ~ The Sun and the Moon
  • Watching: Waters of Mars ( The new Doctor Who episode)
  • Playing: Team Fortress Two
  • Eating: Baked Beans
  • Drinking: Water

.: An Immense Congregation of Absent Minded Fools:.

As you may have already guessed, school started for me.  It started just after Labor day in fact.  In between the work I have to do for each class and the work I've been doing in Game Maker, I have had absolutely no time for drawings.  Never have I cherished sleep as much as I do now.  I have not forgotten about the Yithian drawing however.  In fact, I am so close to completion, that I managed to start another drawing of a massive creature emerging from a swamp.  The drawing looked very nice, but unfortunately, my hard-drive had some issues, and I lost the file.  I printed the image out, so as soon as I get a scanner working, I can continue work on it once more.

You may see the Yithian posted in the next month or so, but I can not make any guarantees.  My apologies.

  • Listening to: Up the down escalator ~ The Chameleons U.K
  • Reading: Things fall apart
  • Watching: The Simpsons
  • Playing: Lady Madonna ~ The Beatles
  • Eating: Wendy's
  • Drinking: Water
First of all, Happy Birthday H.P Lovecraft!  For those of you who aren't counting, he was born 119 years ago, and died 72 years ago,

Since we're on that topic, I am almost finished with the Yithian drawing.  You should see that posted pretty soon.
  • Listening to: Cathedral ~ Robyn Hitchcock
  • Reading: The Dunwich Horror
  • Watching: The Simpsons
  • Playing: Martha my dear ~ The Beatles ( Still )
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
That's right folks!  I made several H.P Lovecraft creatures in the computer game Spore.  I uploaded them to youtube for your enjoyment!

The list is as follows:

Elder Thing:…



Deep One:…

Night Gaunt:…

The Great Cthulhu:…

Enjoy!  (I fear I made them too cute O_o )

On another note,  I finished coloring in the background (pnakotus)  of the Yithian drawing.  Now all I have to do is add the actual Yithian!  (Or I could put several of the great race crawling throughout the library)
  • Listening to: Martha my dear ~ The Beatles
  • Reading: Words
  • Watching: Good Eats
  • Playing: Martha my dear ~ The Beatles ( The half I know )
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
Some of you may already know that I got a Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet recently, so I am making a picture of a Yithian in The Gimp.  It will be finished soon (once I color in the rest of it)  On another note ( or notes... ):

I missed The Perseid Meteor shower.(:()  I stayed up until 2:00 A.M to see it, but the weather proved to be too unforgiving.  It rained for the first time in months.  and it REALLY rained.  The streets are still flooded.

I got a Twitter account

I made a new game called "Necronomicon"… let me know if you find any Bugs or Glitches in this game.

and I learned a few more Beatles songs on the piano  (not that any of you care about that though :))
  • Listening to: Moonlight Sonata ~ Beethoven
  • Reading: Shadow out of time (for the 7th time)
  • Watching: America's Got Talent
  • Playing: Moonlight Sonata ~ Beethoven (The part I know)
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
I realize most of you don't care about this AT ALL, but oh well.  These are oddly fun for me.
I was rather in-directly tagged by :iconcrazygoblin21: (plus he'll kill me for stealing if I dont give him some form of acknowledgment :D)

1) Full name?
Dalton K.

2) Male/Female?

3) Were you named after anyone?
The guy from Road House

4) Does your name mean anything?
Not to my knowledge

5) Nickname(s)?
None at all

6) What do you think you look like?
A Person

7) Date of birth?
MCMXCIV  (Ah-Ha, Try to decipher THOSE Roman Numerals!)

8) Place of birth and current location?
Place O Birth:Arizona
Current Location: Oregon (:()

9) Nationality?

10) Astrology sign?
Cancer (I think)

11) Chinese astrology sign?

12) Religion?
Atheist.  I choose not to lie to myself.

13) What's your favorite smell?

14) Political Position?
None.  Politics are horrible

15) What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

16) Hair + eye color?
Dark brown, color changing (from blue to green)

17) Do you look like anyone famous?
Most definitely not

18) What do you look like?
...a person (why ask such a think twice?)

19) Any unusual talents?
...I can stand on my head...although I have not attempted this in years.

20) Righty, lefty, or ambidextrous?
Righty! (except when I'm Playing the Piano!)

21) Gay, straight, bi, or other?

22) What do you do for a living?

23) What do you do for fun?
Think,draw,make computer games and animations, etc.

24) Materials to work with?
Anything I can find really

25) What kind of materials would you like to work with?
Pointy sharp things...or Flamethrowers :D

26) Have you met your grandparents?
Yes although I only consider one of the three I've met to be related to me.

27) Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
Nope.  Never had one.

28) Crush?
No.  (And how on earth is a love interest called such a violent verb?)

29) What celebrity would you date if you could?
NONE (vomits)

30) Current worries?
Why worry?

31) Favorite online guy/girl(s)?

32) Favorite place to be?
My Second House (Arizona)

33) Least favorite place to be?
Anywhere other than that house

34) Do you burn or tan?
Nope (:D)

35) Ever break a bone?
I severed my thumb and cracked the bone in 3 places.  Amazingly enough, I didnt feel a thing!

36) What is your favorite cereal?
Honey-comb (I believe that's the name of it...)

37) Person you cry with?
No-one.  I dont cry anymore.  My tear-glands (or whatever controls those blasted things) must have killed themselves.

38) Any sisters?
Nope (:))

39) Any brothers?

40) Any pets?
Not personally.  But My mother has two dogs, and the family pet is a Helix Aspersa Snail named Mabel.

41) An illness?
Acid Reflux, Migraines, and asthma

42) A pager?

43) A personal phone line?

44) A cell phone?
no again

45) A visible birthmark?
Nope (yay)

46) A pool or hot tub?
no :(

47) A car?

48) Personality?
Quite a lack thereof :D

49) Driving?
not in reality.

50) Your clothing style?
All black.  No words, no icons,no pictures.  Just black.  Oh, and I only wear long pants.  Shorts make me feel really FuNkY.

51) Room?
Looks like a war-zone.

52) What's missing?
Many many many many many many many many many things.

53) School?
A lousy place filled with ignorant morons who don't understand the meaning of Education (and probably can't spell it either)

54) Bed?
Indeed I have one!

55) Relationship with your parent(s)?

56) Do you believe in yourself?
That depends...

57) Do you believe in love at first sight?
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Anyone who does is a friggin' imbecile (no offense...)

58) Consider yourself a good listener?
Quite so

59) Have a future dream that you would like to share?

60) Get along with your parents?
you JUST asked this!

61) Save your e-mail conversations?
Yep!  I even keep SPAM!

62) Pray?
Of course not!  Why bother???

63) Believe in reincarnation?

64) Brush your teeth twice a day?
...perhaps... (just kidding...or am I?  I am...or)

65) Like to talk on the phone?
In Short:  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO In Long: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

66) Like to eat?
If it's tasty, yes!

67) Like to exercise?
see answer 65

68) Like to watch sports?
see answer 67

69) Sing in the car?
That depends.  If there is someone who does not desire to keep their eardrums in the car with me, then yes!

70) What is a dream that you have all the time?
I can not remember.  I can Lucid dream, but I dont seem to remember the dreams much when I wake up...a slight word or movement can trigger a memory, but it only lasts about a second.  No more than a second.

71) Dream in color?
Yes!  (who doesnt?)

72) Do you have nightmares?
Maybe once a year.

73) Sleep with a stuffed animal?

74) What's right next to you?
a T-shirt, a box, a piece of my bed,a light desk (excellently built and designed by my dad!), etc.

75) What's on your favorite mug?
any mug will do.

76) What's on your mouse pad?
The FRY'S Electronic's Logo.

77) Your favorite flavor of gum?
Gum flavor.

78) Your brand of deodorant?
No clue

79) Your dream honeymoon spot
Would R'lyeh be too far-fetched?

80) Your dream husband/wife?
NO such person exists

81) What's hiding in your closet?
Perhaps the holy grail and the Lindbergh baby

82) Under your bed?
see answer 81, but add Santa clause

83) The name of one of your closest/best friends?
Collin, Dylan M., Simah, and Jared.  We have LONG since departed :( :( :(

84) Your bad time of the day?
When I'm speaking and everyone I'm speaking to talk about something else RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF WHAT I'M SAYING (it happens at least twice a day without fail (24/7/364)

85) Your worst fear(s)
I cant think of anything

86) What's the weather like?
nothing.  Its absolutely plain.  It always is up here in Oregon

87) Your favorite time of year?
Winter and fall.

88) Your favorite holiday?
Halloween or X-mas  (although there has been no joy in the holidays since Ive been in Oregon)

89) A material weakness?

90) The weirdest food or drink that you like?
Spaghetti with peanut butter and chive (trust me, its GOOD)

91) At the top of your "to do list"?

92) The hardest thing about growing up?
Moving.  It can ruin your life if it's for the worse (trust me on this one)

93) A pet peeve?
People who force-feed you religion

94) Your scariest moment?

95) Your attitude about love?
It's an elusive S.O.B

96) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done?
...nothing (wow)

97) The worst feeling in the world?
Change for the worst

98) The best feeling in the world?
I am yet to experience it.

99) Who sent this to you?
...a indirect source

100) 5 people you tag:
since I wasn't directly tagged, I shall indirectly tag anyone who wishes to be tagged.
  • Listening to: Listen to the Band ~ The Monkees
  • Watching: America's Got Talent
  • Playing: Play-testing several new Game Maker games
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
As of Thursday, the 25th, we moved yet again.  Thankfully, we only moved a few miles away from where we lived previously.

On a Good note, I just got a Wacom Intuos 4 Graphics Tablet as a graduation present.  It is by far the nicest Tablet I have ever owned.  I should be able to upload some things more frequently now than I did before. (although I have been rather busy with Game Maker)

My Graphics card also decided it was going to kill itself.  So a new one will be arriving on Wednesday.

All in all this has been a strange week.  A move, A Tablet, a new card, and 4 deaths in the media.

BUT.  On the happiest note, we discovered that FIREWORKS ARE LEGAL TO PERSONALLY OWN IN OREGON!  WE have been to a firework's store 4 times this week!  We shall post the videos of them on Youtube!


Billy Mays (EDIT:  After learning about what ultimately caused his death, I have no sympathy for him whatsoever)
Ed McMahon  (he died last mistake)
Farrah Fawcett
Michael Jackson (though I have absolutely no sympathy for him whatsoever.  I'm glad he's dead)
  • Listening to: I am the Walrus ~ The Beatles
  • Watching: Transformers 2 Revenge of The Fallen
  • Playing: Play-testing several new Game Maker games
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Tap Water
well, It would appear that I have been tagged by:iconcrying-chimera:

wow.  This'll take a bit 'O' me time

1) Name: Dalton
2) Name Backwards: notlaD (yes.  I am a guy though)
3) Were you named after anyone?: the Guy from Road House
4) Does your name mean anything?: Not that I am aware of.
5) Nick Name(s): Demon Boy, wow...thats all Im aware of.
6) Screen Name(s): Carpenoctem Carpenoctem66, Carpenoctem666, Carpenocturne, DJK,
7) Date Of Birth: July 14th 1994
8) Place of Birth: Arizona
9) Nationality: American (im mostly Irish though)
10) Current Location: Arizona (the best place there is :))
11) Religion: Atheist.  I used to be Pagan but I can't find any religion believable.  It's just the way my mind works.
12) Height: 5' 4"
13) Shoe Size: unknown
14) Hair colour: Dark Brown (because I like dark stuffs)
15) Eye colour: It changes depending on the lighting Blue to Green
16) What do you look like?: Jack the Ripper (O_O  was that out loud?)
17) Innie or Outie?: A bit too personal there.  
18) Righty, Lefty, Ambidextrous: Right.  I cant even pick up a piece of paper with my left hand :P)
19) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other?: STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!
20) Best friends: SIMAH :D , Leo, William, Brian, Gary, Jared (Crying-Chimera's little brother,Jordan, Austin, Zach,  and Kaitlyn.
21) Best friend you trust the most: Jared.  (the others I wouldn't trust with, well...ANYTHING.)
22) Best friends {your sex}: No thank you I'm straight, but I really don't have a best friend
23) Best friends of the opposite sex:Kaitlyn and Simah (in no particular order)
24) Best Bud(s): Bob Dole. (this rules out the top 2 q's )
25) Boyfriend / Girlfriend: Nope.........
26) Crush: maybe... (nope)
27) Parent(s): Nyarlathotep-I mean...HEY!
28) Worst Enemy: Alexis S. :frustrated:
29) Funniest friend: Brian
31) Advice Friend: Like I said.  If anyone, Jared.  I keep any feelings and questions to myself.
32) Loudest Friend:Leo...Don't ask why.
33) Person you cry with: I actually Haven't cried in many years.  (huh...I never realized that until now...)
34) Any sisters: no
35) Any brothers: Two
36) Any pets: 1 Hamster for my youngest Brother, A Bearded Dragon for my younger Brother, 2 dogs for My Mom, 2 fish for my Mom, and Scorpions or Tarantulas are not allowed in this household, Nor Snakes, I have no pet...
37) A Disease: Do Asthma or Insomnia count?
38) A Pager: Nope.
39) A mp3 player/ipod: yes.  A Psp, which plays Music and stuff.
40) A laptop: No.  My Mother has one though.
41) Gaming platform ie nintendo/xbox: PS2, Wii, DS lite X2, PSP, PC, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, Gameboy advance, Gameboy advance SP
42) Surround sound: not yet.  We're waiting for Cloverfied to be released on DVD.
43) A Personal phone line: Nope.  I really don't need one.
44) A Cell phone: Nope.  Same above.
45) A Lava lamp: No, But I want one with little heads in it instead of bubbles....errm....Bubbles work too.
46) A Pool or hot tub: neither...currently
47) A Car: Pontiac grand Am.  04

Describe Your...

48) Personality: Sneaky, quiet,Insomniac like, and that is about it.
49) Driving: On the sidewalk at 100 in a school area.  I cant see through the window. *THUNK*  Oh crud...
50) Car or one you want: Toyota Solstice or A hearse....What?  Why are you looking at me like that???
51) Room: Hideously Messy.  Stay out unless you want to trip on your first step.
52) What’s missing?: My old House.  It had and WAS everything.
54) Bed: Soft, but I still have back problems.
55) Relationship with your parent(s): Very Very good.

Do You...

56) Believe in yourself: eh?
57) Do you believe in love at first sight?: Nope.  unless the Love is some Psychotic Hypnotist, but I presume that has only happened to me...errm...forget that last thing I said...
58) Consider yourself a good listener: When I'm interested in what someone's saying.
60) Get along with your parents: Yep!  Always!
61) Save your e-mail conversations: yep, I'm a Pack Rat when it Comes to that.
62) Pray: Never have, Never will (I think)
63) Believe in reincarnation: Dunno.
64) Like to make fun of people: Nope, unless they majorly deserve it (Hence the Mortal enemy Q )
65) Like to talk on the phone: only with best friends, but since I do not know their numbers any more, this is kind of obsolete.
66) Like to eat?: If it doesn't taste like deep fried shoes.  (don't ask how I know that taste...)
67) Like to drive: If I don't hit people, then yes!
68) Get motion sickness: Never
69) Eat the stems of broccoli: Those are stems?
70) Eat Chicken fingers with a fork: What The Cthonian is a Chicken Finger?  just kidding, yes.  I do.
71) Dream in color: yes, But they're kind of...Funkish...
72) Type with your fingers on home row: As opposed to typing with what?  your exposed Corneas?  and what's a Home Row?
73) Sleep with a stuffed animal: Not anymore...

What Is...

74) Right next to you: My Mothman Sculpture.
75) On the walls of your room: Pictures, awards, and paint.
76) On your mouse pad: The Fry's Electronics Logo.
77) Your dream car: A Hearse that Rocks!  There's that look again!!!
78) Your dream date: someone with Nice Eyes...probably.
79) Your dream honeymoon spot: R'lyeh...If we don't get slaughtered by that giant green cthoni-STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!
80) Your dream husband/wife: What does it matter to you?  well, I guess someone that's LIVING...
81) Your bedtime: 9:00.  I usually don't get to sleep till around 11:30.
82) Under your bed: Who knows?  Maybe the Holy Grail and the Lind burg Baby
83) The single most important answer: 42.  the answer to life, the universe, everything. (Woo Douglas Adams!)
84) Your bad time of the day: 4th hour of school.  It's really darn Loud!  but they have satellite Radio.  That's good.
85) Your worst fear(s): Fuzzy Squirrels...and Clowns.  They're just...weird...
86) The weather like: the weather IS like.  I'm a Correct typing freak.  umm, Motionless. It's night-time.
87) The time?: 7:42 P.M
88) The date?: February 20, 2008
89) The best trick you ever played on someone: honestly, I haven't played any tricks on anyone that I can Remember...
90) The weirdest food or drink that you like: Spaghetti with Peanut Butter and Chives on Top (Its DARN good though!)
91) Your Theme Song: If I had to Pick one, it would be the one that goes Da diddy Dum Dah!...Which one is that Again?
92) The hardest thing about growing up: constant change.  I don't adjust well at all.
93) Your funniest experience: When My Family Played Baseball with balls of Mashed Potatoes :D :D :D
94) Your scariest moment: when I severed My thumb Without Realizing it until about 5 mins. Later.  That honestly wasn't scary for me in the least though.  I didn't even feel it!
95) The silliest thing you've ever said: Probably Something I muttered in my sleep.  Like "They're stealing the Taters!" or something...
96) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex: I'm such a Loser I haven't!
97) The scariest thing that's ever happened while with your friend(s): We had a lockdown at recess.
98) The worst feeling in the world: Change for the worst.
99) The best feeling in the world: Haven't experienced the best feeling in the world yet.
100) 5 people you tag: This should be good ;)

:iconcrimzongibbon:  :iconnella-chan:  :icongravematter:  :iconi-am-psycho:  :iconhumble-novice:
  • Listening to: Animal Nitrate - London Suede
  • Reading: Dreams in the Witch House (FINALLY!)
  • Watching: Arrested Development
  • Playing: Parasite Eve II
  • Eating: Pork Roast and Mashed taters. (and soybeans)
  • Drinking: Coke
Apparently During My several Month-long absence from Deviant Art, I was tagged.  I apologize for the absence as I was Moving to a different State.

Name: Dalton
Height: 5" 5'
Natural hair color: brown
Eye color: From Blue to Green (they change depending on the lighting)
Number of siblings: Two Little Brothers
Glasses/Contacts: none
Piercings: none
Tattoos: none
Braces?: no
Color: Black and Red
Band: A LOT
Song: A LOT
Video game: MediEvil
TV show: A LOT
Movie: Don't Have One
Book: Don't Have one
Food: Salmon
Game on a cell phone: Never Played one
Animal: Cephalopods or Bats
Comic book: I don't have one.  I never read them, I just Made them
Cereal: Frosted Flakes
Website: Youtube probably.  MySpace is EVIL
Celeb(s): I get a headache just hearing that word
Do you:
Play an instrument?: Yes.  I Play the Piano.  I Used to play the Clarinet
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?: I Haven't had access to the TV in 3 months
Like to sing?: When I sing, Eardrums burst. ( I think )
Have a job?: No
Have a cell phone?: Nope.  Don't need one
Like to play sports?: no
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Nope (:()
Live somewhere NOT in the united states:  No
Have more than 5 TVs in your house?: no
Have any special talents/skills?: Drawing
Exercise daily?: On The Piano
Like school?: Not Particularly now.  In 2004-2006 I did

Can you:
Sing the alphabet backwards?: NO
Speak any other languages?: No
Go a day without food?: I could
Stay up for more than 24 hours?: I've gone 3 days without sleep before.  I don't know why
Roll your tongue?: ???
Eat a whole pizza?: Without Puking?

Have you ever:
Snuck out of the house?: NO.  And the Proper word is "sneaked"
Cried to get out of trouble?: OF course not
Gotten lost in your city?: No
Seen a shooting star?: Twice
Been to any other countries?: no *wasn't this already asked?)
Had a serious surgery?: I Had my Thumb Sewn back on
Stolen something important to someone else?: Never
Solved a Rubik's cube?: Several Times (although it took about 15 minutes :) )
Gone out in public in your pajamas?: NO
Cried over a girl?: No
Kissed a random stranger?: OF COURSE NOT!
Hugged a random stranger?: NEVER
Been arrested?: NOOOO
Done drugs?: Are you Kidding me?  OF COURSE NOT!
Had alcohol?: NOOOOO
Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?: no.  Although Soda H U R T S
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator?: no
Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?: Haha  Thankfully not
Swore at your parents?: NO!!!
Kicked a guy where it hurts?: My Brother
Been in love?: Nope (again, :()
Been close to love?: Nope (just to say it a third time, :()
Been to a casino?: No
Ran over an animal and killed it?: Nope
Broken a bone?: A Fractured My Thumb in 3 places
Gotten stitches?: Yes.  Then they Had to be removed and the Doctors had to Peel My Thumbnail off and Forcefully Remove the stitches because they Used the WRONG ONES! ( imbeciles )
Had a water balloon fight in winter?: ouch.  no
Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour?: no
Made homemade muffins?: No D:
Bitten someone?: Nope
Been to Disneyland/disneyworld?: No
More than 5 times?: No
Disney World: NO
Disney Land: AAAAARGH!  NO
Been to Niagara Falls?: No
Burped in someones face?: no

When's the last time you:
Brushed your teeth: 5 minutes ago
Went to the bathroom: 6 minutes ago
Saw a movie in theaters: a year or 2
Read a book: about 2 weeks
Had a snow day: never
Had a party: never
Had a slumber party: never
Made fun of someone: Of myself: today.
Tripped in front of someone: I don't know
Went to the grocery store: about a month
Got sick: a week
Cursed: Never (out loud at least)
Drank Blood: never intentionally

Pick one:
Fruit/vegetables: both
Black/white: both
Lights on/lights off: Lights off
TV/movie: Both
Car/truck: Either
Cash/check: Cash
Pillows/blankets: both
Headache/stomach ache: *Pukes* oooooooooooooowww...
Paint/charcoal: Charcoal.  I am H O R R I B L E At Painting (Or coloring for that matter)
Chinese food/Mexican food: Chinese!!
Summer/winter: Winter
Snow/rain: Rain
Fog/misty: both
Rock/rap: Those are not comparable.  Rap is not Music
Chocolate/vanilla: Chocolate
Sprinkles/icing: Sprinkles  ( A specific kind which I do not know the name of )
Cake/pie: Pie
French toast/french fries: French Toast
Strawberries/blueberries: Probably Strawberry
Ocean/swimming pool: Ocean
Cookies/muffins: Cookies
Wallet/pocket: ?
Window/door: A Window shaped door
Pink/purple: Purple
Cat/dog: neither
Long sleeve/short sleeves: short
Winter break/spring break: Winter break
Spring/autumn: Autumn
Clouds/clear sky: Clouds
Moon/mars: Moon  (although Mars IS awesome)

Do you believe there is someone for everyone?: probably
What is your idea of the best date?: I don't have the slightest clue
What was your first kiss like?: I'll tell you when it happens (you can wait about 300 years right?)
How old were you when you got your first kiss?: See previous question
Do you think love is a load of rubbish?: ?
Whats the best experience you’ve ever had with the opposite sex?: O_O
Have you ever been dumped?: No
Have you ever dumped someone?: Off a cliff?
What's the most sexual thing you’ve done with the opposite sex?: O_o  What the-

am: strange
want: to be back with my family
need: umm...Air
crave: Salmon.  It is actually VERY difficult to find it in Oregon
love: several things
hate: racism/bigotry/segregation/etc.
feel: nostalgic
miss: everything from the previous years  (except a certain someone Whom I had the displeasure of meeting in 2007)
am annoyed by: "Friends"  That will not go away
would rather: Draw or remember the events from 2004 to 2006
am tired of: Moving away
will always: remember those years

Silly stuff:
What is your favorite genre of music?: Darkwave
What time is it now?: 9:20 PM(daylight Savings time)
What day is it?: Thursday the 6th
Whens the last time you called someone?: A LONG time
How much money do you have right now?: None
Are you hungry?: No
Whatcha doin?: Typing this Journal Entry
Do you like parades?: yep
Do you like the moon?: OH YES
What are you going to do when you're done with this?: probably sleep
If you could have any magical power what would it be?: The ability to go back in time (recall events precisely, Not go into a Time Paradox)
Have you ever had a picnic?: No

Do you think you are:
funny?: Only through Comics and Animations
sarcastic?: No
lazy?: Sometimes
hyper?: no
friendly?: Yes
evil?: no
smart?: Yes
strong?: no
talented?: at certain things
dorky?: at times
Extra: ugly (:P)

Would you ever:
Sky dive?: probably
Run away?: From What?
Curse at a teacher?: no
Not take a shower for a week?: EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW
Ask someone out?: Only if I REALLY liked the person and knew them quite well.  Even then It would probably take me a month to build up the courage
Lie to someone to make them think better of you?: no
Visit a foreign country for more than a month?: Maybe Canada
Go scuba diving?: possibly
Write a book?: I have a VERY good Idea for a story that has been buzzing around in my head since the second grade.  I have gone through about 20,000 different drafts for it though, and the finished product is the polar opposite of the original one, I just can't write it down...though I may
Become a rockstar?: hahahaha
Last questions:
What kind of computer do you have?: umm...
Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies?: no
How many posters do you have in your room?: none
How many cds do you have?: none
What time is it now?: 9:26 PM (Daylight Savings Time)
  • Listening to: Tears [*] ~ The Chameleons U.K
  • Reading: ...
  • Watching: Alf
  • Playing: the piano (my Novation Midi-controller actually)
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: Coke ( I SWEAR there's nicotine in this stuff...)
I wish I could remember who commented on my drawings about that...
anyway, recently I took an art class at school, and at the request of my absent-minded classmates, I drew an image for the local skate shop.  Normally I would show absolutely no interest in doing this whatsoever, but I had nothing better to do and I was in a drawing mood.  The drawing only took me about a week of strictly in-school work. (so perhaps 40-45 minutes a day)

Once the drawing was finished, my Art Teacher brought it to the skate shop and the owner was quite impressed.  He then framed it and put it in the shop, and posted it on their website under the gallery section.

So to wrap up this Journal, Here is another Horrid Amalgamation of writhing organs for your twisted enjoyment!…
The image is rather large...

I shall post more Lovecraftian drawings once I finish them.  I drew sketches of a Yithian and Mi-go today (because the other yithian drawings of mine are...just terrible, and I had not drawn a Mi-go before)  I also finished a picture of Cthulhu that is rather similar to Lovecraft's drawing of Cthulhu.

And to anyone that has spoken of wishing to see a Gug drawn by me...well....I'm trying.  Trust me, I'm trying to draw one.  Ive started and scrapped about 100 of them so far because:
A:  I am terrible at drawing anything close to a furry animal of any sort
B: The mouth is an absolute torturous Nightmare to draw (at least it is the way I have been doing it)

Anyway, I just thought I would post at least some form of acknowledgment as to me being alive.

Signing off.
  • Listening to: Street of dreams ~ The Damned
  • Reading: Color out of Space (again)
  • Watching: The Rain outside
  • Playing: Play-testing several new Game Maker games
  • Eating: Garlic Bread (ciabatta)
  • Drinking: Apple Cider
Merry Christmas Everyone!  I hope Yours Has Been good!  Mine has!
  • Listening to: One Christmas Catalogue - Captain Sensible
  • Reading: A Lovecraft Christmas *Fan Story*
  • Watching: My Brother Play Dead Space
  • Playing: Pretending to play Dead Space
  • Eating: Hickory Smoked Ham
  • Drinking: Sparkling Apple Cider
It has Snowed so much, that we didn't go to school at all this week ( because of snow-days...) And I am LOVING IT!  It snowed so much today, that the lowest point in the backyard had 8.5 inches of snow!  I have not yet Measured the Highest point but I shall do that Promptly.
  • Listening to: The Drowners - Suede
  • Watching: Alf
  • Playing: The piano ( Midi Controller actually )
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: Coke
Tomorrow 3/15/08,  I will be attending a carnival that the people of my city attend mostly each month!   Here is a list of rides that I am planning to go on if they're there.  ( I always sit on the very front or very end on rides like the Kamikaze and Pharaoh's Fury for Maximum Riding Experience ;) )



The Sizzler…

The Starship 2000…

The Experience…

The Techno Jump…

The Pharaoh's Fury…

And many more :)

I will be going with my family and several friends.  it will be very fun!
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  • Reading: Grizzly Amusement Park accidents
  • Watching: Alf
  • Playing: Super Mario Galaxy
  • Eating: Bacon
  • Drinking: Coke
Nooo!  The Mothman!  It has been stolen!

by :iconcrying-chimera:

no hard feelings though.  We know each-other
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For those of you following that crazy Cloverfield online cult out there, I have some good news for those of you that want to see the monster, and bad news for those of you that don't.

  AS many of you may already know, Cloverfield was released today in New Zealand, someone may have possibly leaked a video clip of the monster.  THe Youtube Video depicts an amazingly well CGI Monster looming over the camera-man, and it waits for a little while and eats him.  THis video is so amazingly rendered, that I find it hard to believe it as a fake.  So this leads me to believe that this video shows the monster (and a very blurry mini-monster).

And just for you people out there, ITS NOT CTHULHU
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I apologize for the delay in posts.  I will be uploading the Nightgaunt picture shortly, and the final verdict on my next picture is: Deep one.
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